Life at Noble Guardians

Life at Noble Guardians

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NyheterPosted by Kirsten 25 Nov, 2016 17:13:21

Today I am sad - today I am heart broken smiley
Today I have burried a companion, a family member, a friend, a guardian, a Queen...

Two weeks ago we had to make one of the hardest choices in life - we had to decide to let go of our sweet Iza. A speedy progress of illness gave us no other choice but to let her find her peace

Today I have burried her in our garden and planted a tree together with her - a Ginko tree that will grow to be as beautiful as her, as strong as her, as magnificent as her

You will be deeply missed - life will never be the same xxx
Go chase your rabbits!

13/11 2007 - 10/11 2016
C.I.B & NORD & SE & DK & NO Champion
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